Thursday, January 21, 2010

BLT From Swinger's

Went to Swinger’s again last week. Cam asked me what I wanted to eat and since I had been getting all burgerfied the past few weeks I wanted something a bit different. I wanted some kinda sandwich. We headed to a place that is quickly becoming one of my favorite places, Swinger’s.

I got a BLT. Calling it a BLT isn’t even fair to this beast. I read on the menu that is was a triple decker. I know how places are. It could’ve been one layer B, one L, and one T. I asked a waiter and it was confirmed that it was three layers of bacon.


When that thing got to the table I didn’t even know how to pick it up. I made sure to add avocado to it. Oh, you don’t know ‘bout avocado on a BLT? Try it. It makes it taste so much better. This was one of the best BLT’s I ever had. Seriously, this thing was amazing. If you haven’t been to Swinger’s you gotta go soon!

Camera credit goes to Cam since she was the one that reminded me to take it. She just looked at me and made the finger clicking motion and I was like “Oh! Thanks.” Swinger’s rules.

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