Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hollywood Farmer's Market

Today I went to a farmer’s market with Heidi, Michelle, and Julie. I don’t really frequent these type of markets (I’m actually having a hard time remembering if I have ever been to one). It was very fun. Sitting here and Michelle grabbed me and Julie and we took off. Met Heidi there and got the ball rolling.

They all had been there before so they knew all the good places to grab some food. We got some papusa’s (I got chicken) and some red lemonade where it tasted like everything but lemonade. What I mean is that it had lots of fruit but I couldn’t taste lemons. Go figure. Next we got a tamale that I split with Julie. Along the way we tried different fruits and stuff they had everywhere. You really don’t need to buy anything since there are samples of every fruit you can think of. This place was really fun for more than the food.


Yes, I know this is a food blog but I’d be a liar if I didn’t mention that this place was crawling with booty. Some good and some terrible. But still, lots of ass. We toyed with the idea of getting a pie but it sounded way too healthy for this vessel. You all know I’m about meat, fat, and fried things.

If you’re ever in the Hollywood area I really suggest you go here. Besides food they have clothing, bags, and jewelry. I grabbed two little bundles of sage while I was there that smell wonderful by the way. So head there and don’t do like I did and eat random Japanese fruits. That thing looked like melon but my brain refused to acknowledge that it was supposed to be.

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