Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Pound Gummi Bear

Can you believe this fucking thing? This is five pounds of Gummi Bear. This is the kinda thing that will either make you believe in God or question his existence. This thing looks like it could kill a man.

I first heard about this while listening to Kevin & Bean on KROQ. Psycho Mike wanted to eat it but the lawyers said that he couldn’t. Ever since that dame died from drinking water to death to win Justin Timberlake tickets folks have been nervous about this sort of thing.

I could never eat this much Gummi Bear. I mean, I love Gummi Bears but I could never eat this much. It’s the size of a small child! How do you eat Gummi Bears? I sometimes eat their limbs first. Sometimes I go for the head and imagine it screaming. Ever see that “Robot Chicken” sketch with the screaming bear? Very funny.

I am out of things to say. This thing makes me way nervous.


KP said...

They sell this at that candy shop IT'SUGAR at citywalk. I wanna cuddle with this thing till I die.

D. Ross said...

I am still afraid of the damn thing. It's just so big! I would be pooping rainbows.