Thursday, January 14, 2010

Giamela's Fellas!

There’s this place that I have been to twice. It’s called Giamela’s in Los Feliz. This place is known for their steak sandwiches but I go for the pastrami. Gotta say it in an ugly Boston accent. And before anyone starts saying how their state or city has the best whatever allow me to tell you one thing:

Don’t waste your time.

Giamela’s has a pastrami sandwich covered in onions and peppers and rocks my ass off. They are fast too. The place is right on a corner with a strange ass parking lot. The inside is big enough and feels open with a TV on the wall and a screen door like Grandmama has in the front. You can see them making everything fresh which is always nice.

Heidi took me there for the first time maybe last year or late 2008. I got the large sandwich and damn near had to be rolled out when I was done. This time I was smart and got the regular and it hit the spot. Oh, and make sure to get an Orange Bang with it. Goes just fabulously together. No need for chips though they have a large variety. And remember to thank them for giving you a fork because you will need it. All the stuff they pile on top does not stay on the sandwich. That’s a good thing.

I seriously think you should give this place a try if you love meat and love eating things that aren’t rushed tasting (because as Camille says you can taste love in food). Just remember to bring your own hot sauce,


Michelle L said...

I used to love going to that place. Haven't been there now in several years but would love to go back and pig out. I never tried the pastrami there but the steak sandwich I remember was delicious.

D. Ross said...

The steak sandwiches are supposed to be awesome. Maybe I will try one next time. I love how this thing doesn't alert me to new messages and you sent this a while ago.