Thursday, May 25, 2017

So Long Panini Cafe

About a month ago I went to Panini Cafe with Cam and then less than a week later JP told me that they were closed down. I didn't believe her because the place has been good every time I had it and they showed no signs of closing. Well, just like we did with ICDC I wanted proof so we drove by and the windows were all covered up. I was pissed. This spot had so many different dishes and things that I never got to try and now I'll have to head downtown to get it and screw that. Downtown L.A sucks. I was telling Cam that I should start talking to small business owners anywhere near me that plan on opening a spot because there is a series of questions I would ask them before they decided to start running but those answers would likely keep them from doing so in the first place.

As good as Panini Cafe is the worst thing about it was parking. Crescent Heights and 3rd is a bad location to have to stop. Hell, even if you park it may have to be closer to Fairfax or you'll have to decipher the parking signs. Places come and go really fast near me so if there is a new place chances are it will be gone within a year because of lack of customers or high rent. That is why those places you pass and never see anyone inside but are oven ten years old stay. There is rent control over here. If I look at the food posts I have done there are a lot of places that I had a really good meal at with great service that don't exist anymore and it sucks.  

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