Monday, May 29, 2017

Baby Blue's And Fritzi Coop

Today I headed to Baby Blue's over here in West Hollywood because its Memorial Day and my mother said the word “barbecue” one too many times. Bludso's is a little too far for my lazy ass so I called my order in. I ordered a Bacon Blue Stuffed Burger, fries, a hotlink, banana pudding, and Kool-Aid. I asked for a roll since they have no buns of anything for the hotlink and they gave me cornbread. I should say “cornbread.” I'll get to that in a moment. The burger was good but I couldn't taste this “stuffed” aspect of it. Just a good burger. Not amazing. Just good. The Kool-Aid was good. I won't order the fries again. They were cold less than five minutes later by the time I got home.

This hotlink was a joke. It was almost four dollars and that is what I got. I didn't take a picture of the cornbread because I took one bite and spit it out. It was gross and wet. It was lie someone made stuffing and shaped it into a small square. If I go to this place I'll just stick with their burgers, drinks, and chicken because trying out their other stuff is just a waste of money. Thankfully Cam the berfday girl called and asked if I wanted to try this other spot nearby that I didn't know existed.

Fritzi Coop is right at the Farmer's Market and feet away from the doughnut shop I went to with JP a month or so ago. This place, as Cam and I both said, is in the top five for our fried chicken sandwich list. We each got the Classic which was a triple battered chicken with pimento cheese, lettuce, sliced sweet pickles, and tomato. We also got tots and a roasted root vegetables for sides. This damned thing was so good. The tots were made perfectly, or as Cam called them “school style.” I even ate some of the roasted vegetables. I will be going back to this place and exploring more around the Farmer's Market because there are a ton of places there I have not even considered trying.  

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