Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Grub For Crack Bacon

JP and I hung out yesterday and we went to this place called Grub over on Santa Monica and Seward. Its kind of a weird spot because there are nothing but studios nearby and its on a quiet little side street. She had mentioned this place a while back so we headed there.

Parking was easy enough because we found a spot right near it. We sat outside for a moment until I heard a couple ask to be seated inside because of flies. I was like “Hell no” and asked to be seated inside as well. One thing you must know: it will take a while to get your food. I would bitch more about it if the food wasn't so good.

I got the Crack Burger which is a delicious burger with cheddar cheese, the “crack” bacon, spicy barbecue sauce, tomatoes, and roasted onions. Top five burgers I've had. It was on potato bread which made it even better. JP got the grilled skirt steak sandwich that had some really good beef, spinach, onions, red peppers, roasted garlic aioli, and spicy herb sauce. I got us a side of these crunchy garlic potato chips.

The crack bacon is this bacon with seasonings and it is sweet and crunchy but not at the same time and I am so glad I don't know how to make it myself because my fingers would be too fat to type. I got an Irish Cubano to go and had it for lunch today. It is corned beef, pulled pork, melted Swiss cheese, garlic aioli, pickles, yellow thyme mustard, and buttery lavosh bread which is crispy and amazing. If you can get to this place go as soon as possible.

Afterward we wanted dessert and since I couldn't remember the name of the place I went years ago and JP mentioned ice cream and I thought of that place Carmela Ice Cream near The Grove. We went and I got the salted caramel ice cream with butterscotch on top. JP got...this thing. It looked good and she wanted more of it.  

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