Thursday, July 30, 2015

Traffic, Burgers, And Jicama

Here's what happened. Dashuh was here visiting and the plan was to get to Anaheim, hang out, and then bring my ass back home. It should have been a total of about five hours that turned into a mess and a half. I took the bus to Union Station which was easy. But once you get off there are signs, people, and no help everywhere. The signs make no sense. Employees hide in plain site. Its a nightmare.

After four minutes I get my ticket to board a train heading to Anaheim. I ask where to go and am given the wrong information. So while I wait for my train that I think is late it is actually on the other side of the tracks on time and leaving. After realizing that not only was I now late I had wasted $8 on a piece of paper. I could wait another hour for the next one but when I decide to do something stupid I do it fast. So I head out front and hop into a cab.

The cab driver is not familiar with his car. It takes about three minutes to finally get moving only for him to get turned around and head right into traffic. We finally get on the freeway and it is gridlocked. This is prime rush hour time in Los Angeles and I still have 32 miles to go. So as I sit there in the cab listening to him sigh over and over again I am staring at my watch. I decide to borrow his cell phone and give Dashuh a call. He gets no reception.

I get to Anaheim 50 minutes later than I wanted and see Dashuh (I called again when I arrived and thankfully she was still there but I wouldn't have been mad if she weren't). We only have a certain amount of time and we end up heading back to my area which made me laugh at how strange life is. Getting back was way faster than leaving and we headed to The Counter because Dashuh loved it there so much the last time we hung out. She got this fancy looking salad with jicama which I tried for the first time. It tasted like nothing but crunch but the fact that I tried it proves that Dashuh is a best friend.

I got this Bacon Squared burger that was so damned good. I was only able to eat about 70% of it. All of the crazy traveling, traffic, and heat were worth it to be able to chill out for a while with a cool ass person.

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