Thursday, February 4, 2016

Republique On La Brea

After Poppy + Rose JP and I went to this place Republique on La Brea and 6th. She sent me a picture of this thing that looked like a S'more on crack and I was all in. We had to find parking because as my friend Cam would let you know parking is a bitch anywhere near that area. So we get there and walk up to the display case with what was left of the pastries. They had three of what I came for but it took a moment to spot them. Why? They was tiny! The picture we saw made them look like they were the size of my hand. They were tiny which turned out to be a good thing. I liked them alright but there was too much happening in them. JP didn't even want hers.

She got a carrot cake thing that was okay. I got a big cookie that smelled great but tasted like display case if that makes any sense. It tasted like whatever it was near. I also got a big donut that tasted like a Girl Scout Cookie. Nothing was mind blowing. It was all just okayish. No need to go back here.  

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