Friday, July 15, 2016

Returning To Bunker Hill

Last week I went to Bunker Hill with Miss J. I had not been here for a few years according to this blog and tried some different stuff. We started with sushi (I forget what she had but I had shrimp tempura) and both were really good. We also got duck fries which had cheese and ducks cubes and tasted so damned good. I used chopsticks to eat them because I'm classy like that. There were also fajitas but I didn't get a picture of those because we started eating them. We went during happy hour so everything was a little cheaper. It was a lot of food and I don't think we finished all of it. I was super stuffed and had to let out a zombie moan to clear some space in my soul so I could walk later. Next time I am downtown I'm heading back here again just to get that burger and fries. I'll chill on everything else so I have the energy to run from the homeless folks.  

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