Monday, November 28, 2011

Urth Caffe Downtown

Recently I went to Urth Caffe with Miss E. after it being mentioned multiple times about how good it was and how we had to go. Every time I hear about a place being healthy the first thing I think about is “What can I order that is as close to McDonald’s as it gets?” Yeah, its bad but whatever. So while driving I asked which location we were going to because we kept driving down Melrose until I could see Downtown Los Angeles in the distance. She said they have a Downtown location and I felt good knowing that my friend didn’t forget where we were going.

When we arrived I was surprised at where the place was. If I wasn’t being taken there for the first time I never would’ve found it. It is surrounded by lofts and off a side street and other nonsense. There was plenty of parking so that was good since this place is very popular. We got some menus and my brain said “Where’s the beef?!” I have been eating ham and turkey for days and my body craved something different. I ordered a New York sandwich that was a Reuben and Miss E. got a chicken sandwich.

The waitress took our order in line which I had never experienced before. It made it so much faster and answered the question as to how the line moved so fast. We got to the cashier and gave our order and then sat outside to eat. It was an awesome day so it was warm and sunny. We got our food and I was so happy with my choice. The sandwich was split in two so we both were able to try each others meals. There was a salad with mine that you all know I didn’t touch. I ate a tiny pickle that was on it though. The size of the meals were perfect and as the sun went down people began to leave and it was cool since the lighting on the streets was perfect for chilling while your food settled.

Miss E. got a coffee that was the size of a baby bathtub and I got for some bizarre ass reason a green tea banana shake. I would never have imagined that the combination would be as good as it was. It was thick and went perfect with my meal. If you’re ever Downtown you should give this place a try. I have not been to the ones near me so I cant say how good they are. The price is kinda up there but like I say, if it costs a bit but is amazing its worth it. As you can see I got a fat straw. For some reason fat straws make me happy.

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