Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oishi Sushi

A couple days ago me and Cam (whose hand has made multiple appearances in this blog) went to this sushi place called Oishi Sushi over in Beverly Hills. I’ve mentioned before that I am still getting into sushi and have tried about six places now and I tend to get the same meal each time. That didn’t change. I got my same meal. But I did try something new this time. We had tried to go to this place a few times but either we ran out of time or we wanted it too early in the day to get it. Last Friday was perfect so we went. But before that happened…

We went to LACMA to check out the Asco Exhibit. Cool exhibit though once they got to the 80’s it wasn’t as cool. Afterwards Cam asked if we should go to The Counter or get sushi. I chose The Counter because it was on the next street. We get there and wait a couple of minutes while a server slowly cleans a table. We sit down and start checking off what burger we want. Then we wait. And wait. And wait. Then we get some water (which you know I don’t touch) and then we wait. After about 20 minutes I say “Starting a countdown!” Three minutes later we just get up and leave. No one saw us leave or even asked what was wrong. We got shitty service or lack of service I guess you could say. Umami Burger is already on probation for serving raw ass hamburgers The Counter can kiss my ass. The last time I went they forgot the bacon on my burger which is a killable offense in Dantania. We left pissed off and headed to Beverly Hills and had the opposite experience.

Atmosphere. The place was very nice. There are two rooms and neither one of them feel cramped. They keep the room dim but not too dark. I don’t like eating in bright light when it is dark outside. I don’t know why but that’s the way it is. It was nice and cozy.

Location. Easy to find if you know where it is. When we pulled up I was like “We’re here?!” I imagine that parking could be difficult depending on the time of day but we were there in the evening so it was fast. Plus if you have a shitload of money you can hit up the expensive shops I look too poor to be allowed in.

Service. Great service! In a few minutes we already had our drinks. I had a Sprite. The waitress was there when we needed her but didn’t hover or make us feel rushed. In the amount of time it took for us to decide to finally leave The Counter we were eating at Oishi.

Food. Great sushi! I got the shrimp tempura (two orders) as always and Cam got some eel something or other. I was stuffed and still had some left and shared. I tried the eel and was surprised that I liked it and it didn’t take me ten minutes to eat it. The portions were good but I could’ve used more wasabi. Thankfully Cam hates wasabi so I took hers and made what she calls “sauce.”

Price. The price was slightly above average for the sushi places I’ve gone to but well worth it. The two of us left full and happy for what we paid. After our earlier experience I wanted to high five the waitress for being so good.

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