Monday, September 16, 2013

Itis Causing Burgers At The Counter

Me and Coco went to The Counter on Wilshire after a show at LACMA because as she put it “Jazz makes me hungry.” I had sworn off this place for a while because the service had dropped considerably and the food wasn't as good anymore. Thankfully the last two times I've gone its improved. It was a Friday night an very busy on the inside and outside but after about a five minute wait we were seated at a both like I requested which was nice. We started off with an order of fries and I got a lemonade to drink.

For my order I got a burger with bacon, grilled onions, garlic sauce, avocado, and cheese. The avocado slid off immediately so Coco just took it along with any onions that fell off. By the way, that is something only women can get away with. The burger was good and I finished every bite. The Itis began almost right after my last piece.

Coco got this monster. It had crispy onions, boiled egg, cheese, lettuce, garlic sauce, tomato, and pineapple. She couldn't finish this beast. She got halfway through before tapping out and taking hers home. I feel better knowing that this place is back to being good again.

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