Monday, August 26, 2013

Bubba Gump's In Santa Monica

Last week for her birthday I took Hotness to Bubba Gump’s over in Santa Monica. I had passed this place so many times but never thought to myself “I should check that place out.” I am so glad that we did because I’ll have to check this out again for sure!

When we got there we had to wait a few minutes and then were taken downstairs to a seat that was right at the window which is awesome. We could watch all the strange folks that came to the beach while we waited for our food. They have these signs that you flip over to get a waiter to come to the table which is way better than having to flag someone down or try your damnedest to make eye contact with them to get help.


Oh, we good.

We ordered a couple of drinks because fuck it its birthday time and they were good. I barely remember which ones we got but they were might powerful. Oh, and another cool thing is that we actually got to keep the glasses!

After we finished we took our receipt and got two brand new ones. Yes, I have been using mine like crazy.

After bread we got our meal. The seafood platter had shrimp that was great, fish that was great, fries, and shrimp filled hush puppies. We thought they were regular ones until I took a chance and bit into one. This is enough for two people for sure.

We also got the shrimp mac and cheese. I liked it but Hotness had maybe one bite and was done. It could’ve been way better if the cheese was thicker or a different type. It was a bit watery but that didn’t keep me from eating it all.

This was a really fun place with helpful staff. The music is was good and if you are a fan of 90's hip hop and R&B you'll have fun singing along. The price of the food is…kinda steep but worth it. We thought we’d have a doggy bag but finished everything by the time we had left.

Me and The Hotness!

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