Saturday, October 16, 2010

La Bodega

Tonight me and Camille went to La Bodega over on Larchmont. Neither of us had ever been before but like Julia C. she had a Groupon coupon and we used it! The place was good and small and it being a nice cool Los Angeles evening we decided to sit outside. The menu was rather pricing (“It wasn’t that high online” Camille said) but since we had a coupon we ended up paying less than $10.

I got a chicken ravioli with mushroom and a Sprite while Camille got the eggplant ravioli I believe with tea. The portions were perfect so there was no need for a doggie bag. Funny though, if we had paid full price I think this would’ve bothered me.

The bread was very so-so and the oil and basil we were served tasted like regular ass gravy with oil. Yeah. I don’t know how that works either. The service was great and fast and if you have some extra change in your pocket you should check it out.


Jackie S. said...

The mushroom dish does not look cool, but I'm glad it tasted better than it looks :)

Dante Ross said...

It was an ugly looking dish but very good.