Monday, May 12, 2014

Busy B Chili

A few months back one of my old co-workers wrote a blog with a recipe for some great sounding chili. I had a dish she brought me to work a while back and it was awesome. So last night I realized that after thinking of it for a full day that I had to make this chili. I got all but one of the ingredients from Trader Joe's (found the chili powder at Gelson's). I also got cornbread as well as ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Oh, and I got twice the amount of meat so I doubled the seasonings. For less than $25 I made enough food for the next few days! CLICK HERE for the recipe and HERE to check out her blog The Busy B Creates for the full recipe as well as other posts. Her stuff is far more useful than the things I write about and contain far less swear words.  

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