Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hurry Curry

On Memorial Day after a crazy ass hike in Murphy's Ranch with Koko we went to this place in Japantown called Hurry Curry. I think I have been to this area maybe four times in my life and twice it was for burgers. We went to one place and the wait was 45 minutes and fuck that because it was new, packed, and I was hungry and not even trying to wait that long. We got our seats super fast and our food came less than ten minutes after ordering it. Oh, and it all came up to less than $30. You can't beat that. 

For an appetizer I got the chicken which was boneless and so damned good. We both got curries. Koko got the Tokyo curry and I got the pork cutlet one. We tried each and they were both good. I got the hot one but it wasn't all that hot to me. If you are ever in that area check it out. The staff is cool, the food is good, not expensive, and the place is comfortable. Oh, I forgot to mention the salad. Not sure what that brown stuff is but it was great and made the salad awesome. 

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