Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mexicano At Crenshaw

Today Cam and I went to this place called Mexicano over at the Crenshaw Mall. Why were we near the Crenshaw Mall? Because we thugs! Anyhoot, we headed there and got seats immediately which was cool. Cam had been here before a little bit ago and really liked the food. We get a table, which are set up very strangely so that you have to rub your crotch or ass on people as you pass or take the long way, and waited to have our orders taken. Then we waited some more. And some more. And...

I know what you are thinking. “It's Saturday afternoon. Its busy!” Yeah, but not really. After over 20 minutes a waitress came by to tell us how busy she was and that she would be taking our order. Then she took the order of people that came after us. Eventually another server came and apologized after finding out we hadn't be helped yet. Hell, we didn't even have water to drink. But we did have chips. They had beans so I ate around it. Then we waited some more. And some more. We got drinks. I got Sprite while Cam got water and a really good lemonade with chia seeds. After almost an hour we were eating. Cam got a shrimp dish which I can not recall the name of I tried it and it was good. I got a beef dish that was good. It had cactus which I'd never tried and jalapenos.

This place has really good food but, my god, the waiting kicked my ass. The second server made up for some of it but I'd never come here really hungry again. I've waited a long time for food before at place but at least I either had something to drink or snack on. By the time I was asked if I wanted a refill I had just a bite of my food left. Seeing people that came after you eating their meals is not cool. All that being said, I'd come again. Just not hungry.  

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