Monday, December 5, 2016

Almost A Fat Tour

Me and JP got to do a mini Fat Tour. If we had been able to make it to Carmella it would have counted as a full on Fat Tour (three or more places). But since the parking there is ass we couldn't get there. Every time we hang out we know that we will eat some good food and laugh like idiots. We ended up heading to Tom Bergin's to get those chicken sandwiches and fries because she'd never been there. We parked right in the lot and got a both seat. The bar area was full with people watching football and I had no desire to be sitting with them. Our waitress with the accent was cool as always and we got our food pretty fast. The sandwich was really good. Neither of us like coleslaw but the way they make it here is really good so we had no complaints. JP loved the fries as well. The waitress said that they are never frozen which seems to make a huge difference. I made myself finish the entire meal because I eat slow and get full fast.

Next we headed to ICDC which I found out means Ice Cream Donuts Coffee. This place is still magical and if you eat here it will ruin any other donut experience you'll have. I can't remember the names of all the ones we got but we got the caramel and black pepper one, toasted coconut with dulce de leche, and some other one she got that melted in my mouth. I also got a salted caramel shake which was so good even when it was hours later and warm. I seriously love eating at this place. The people that work here always seem like they actually enjoy heir jobs which makes any place you eat at better. We came back, ate like animals, recorded a podcast, and watched some strange ass movies before ending the day. It was all of the fun.  

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