Monday, December 19, 2016

Jitlada, ICDC, Carmela (Final Fat Tour '16)

Yesterday JP came by and we headed out to begin the last Fat Tour of 2016. First we headed to this place east on Sunset in Thai Town called Jitlada. I had never heard of this place but knew the general area. We magically found parking right across the street. They have a very small lot with $7 for valet. We got there a little after they opened so it was not busy. I ordered a Thai iced tea which JP never had. Not sure if she liked it but she realized how sweet those things could be. It was on the sweeter than normal side but still good. For the meal we shared everything. There as the Jitlada rice which had beef, chicken, and shrimp. She also got the yellow chicken which was like chicken stuffed with chicken and this really good sauce on the side.

I got the beef pad see ew which was probably one of the best ones I've had. Huge portion so there was enough left for two more meals. I wanted to try the larb but decided to hold out because I know that I am coming here again. Instead I got the honey pork ribs an these things were so tender they just fell off the bone. By the time we were leaving more groups of people were coming in. This place has the tables set up nicely so you aren't packed right up against people. If there is one thing I would change it would be the music. My god. I counted six songs about god. Not even religious songs. Just those ones from the 90's about god. We then headed to ICDC and grabbed a salt and pepper caramel donut, Mayan chocolate (that was not even close to spicy), and a maple on maple with maple drizzled. They were awesome. Last we went to Carmela for ice cream. I got a salted caramel latte on ice and JP got her favorite the pumpkin pie ice cream. It was a fun Fat Tour and I cant wait for many more next year. Also, thanks to JP for being an amazing cousin, friend, and introducing me to so much new food.

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