Monday, August 22, 2016

Big Burger And McConnell's Ice Cream

I went to the farmers market at work that they have every Sunday. This used to just be a thing that annoyed me and made me have to walk further to the bus stop. Now I enjoy it. I have gone to this booth to get a burger twice now and couldn't tell you the name. I got a Cali Burger which had bacon and avocado. The fries they make are so damned good too. This place is great and I wish I knew the name and if they had an actual location somewhere. But that wasn't enough for me. I had to also get a milkshake from McConnell's.

I first got this at Grand Central Market with Cam last week. Then I got the churro con leche one and the coffee chocolate. A coworker told me that there was a location near work so I went and the shake version of a salted caramel chip. I was too full to function. The next day I got a banana and salted caramel for home and a shake version of the churros con leche. Today I got the sea salt cream and cookies. This place is incredible. They also have a smoking hot chick there covered in tattoos.  

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