Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fried Chicken At Plan Check

Today JP and I went to Grub and they were closed. The end. Seriously, we headed there and they were closed until 5pm so we were gonna head to Bludso's but then I suggested Stout but JP had already been there before so then I remembered that Plan Check is supposed to have bomb ass fried chicken so we went there instead. I am currently drinking apple moonshine from BevMo so forgive any nonsense in this post, yes?

Parking was easy and we found a spot pretty fast. We got a nice seat and ordered our food. For a drink I got a mango soda that was pretty damned good. For food I decided that we were gonna get some of everything and split it. We got fries, a Chef Burger that has the fried cheese, bacon, and ketchup leather. For the first time I tried the pastrami sandwich which had everything pastrami does but...better. Then we got the fried chicken. It is a lot. Sits on a bed of yam preserve and some really good milk gravy. We left the pickled okra out. When I say this is some of the best fried chicken I've ever had that made JP dance in her chair I am not lying.

The staff today was very nice (and cute) and the food came way faster than I expected. We were hungry because we ran late and Grub was closed. I am so happy that it was because who knows when we would've come and had this much good food. Seriously. That fried chicken. Damn. Then we walked to Carmela Ice Cream and had the background music of loud, singing homeless men and the visuals of a lot of girls wearing ill fitting Daisy Duke's. This was a very good day thanks to JP.

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