Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Continental Kitchen & Chili's

Last Friday before the Florence & The Machine concert Cam and I swung by Continental Kitchen. I love this place. They are always good. Always. Cam got a turkey burger with fries and a ginger soda while I got a classic burger with bacon, fries, and a Snapple. It was a really good night started with bellies full of awesome.

Sunday we went to Chili's in Simi Valley after seeing the new baby. We had a few choices and picked this. The nachos with guacamole were good and I really liked my burger with onions and bacon. Cam was not a fan of her turkey burger. We're gonna have to get a do-over for her. Oh, and I got the strawberry lemonade which was really good. They have this newfangled thing where you pay at the table with a credit card machine. It was weird.

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