Friday, October 16, 2015

Bollini's in Monteray Park

Last weekend I went to Bollini's in Monteray Park with Cam and two of her friends and a mama. I had never heard of or been to this place before. This was at the end of a busy day of being a professional passenger so by the time it was time to eat I was good and ready. There would be no leftovers for me this day. 

We started with a pizza that was split in half. One side I forget what it had but the other had shrimp. Both were good but I would have liked the pizza more without the tail of the shrimp being on it still. It was like bite, pull out shrimp, put tail on plate, continue eating. 

For the main course I got a chicken dish that was just too damned good. It also had mashed potatoes and spinach. I gave the spinach to Cam. I don't mess with that stuff. The amount was huge and sliced perfectly for eating. I let everyone have a piece because for as many times as they had been here none of them had ever tried it. It also had mushrooms on top that were super soft. If I am ever over in this area I'd love to go again.

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