Friday, March 20, 2015

Sliders & Sushi

I went on a mini food tour with KP the other day while we were at LACMA getting all cultured and shit. After part of the first exhibit both of our stomachs were playing their own version of dueling banjos so we headed across the way to check out all the food trucks. I got some sliders from this one called Home Run Sliders.

These were really good but it sucks that they were out of truffle fries. Its not like we were super late getting there or something. They were just out. KP got a five cheese grilled sandwich from another truck that she really liked.

We also went to the spot at the museum and got iced tea and a chocolate chip cookie. Late in the after noon we headed to Echi Sushi by my place and got the dynamite shrimp rolls as well as the lobster one which I will be ordering from now on since there is so much and it is incredible. It was a really good day filled with good food.  

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