Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hiatus Urban Barbecue

Tonight Cam and I planned to head somewhere to eat. There were three choices and when she mentioned the word “barbecue” I had to go with that option. There is a place called Hiatus Urban BBQ. Yelp reviews looked really good and it wasn't far from Cam so, fuck it, lets go.

What a bad idea this turned out to be.

I am gonna say what was good about this place. The guy behind the counter with the white hair and blue eyes. Very nice and knew about all of the food he was serving. I got the Moo something which had beef and horseradish. Way too much horseradish. The bread was whole wheat and when I opened up the container it looked like someone had elbow dropped it. It was ugly and tasted funky. I don't know what urban barbecue is but if this is it they can keep it. I'll stick with Bludsoe's.

Cam got a chicken plate that looked like a chaos party smothered in sauce. She loves bean and barely even touched them. It looked like bean soup it was so watery. Seriously. Besides the guy serving us I have nothing nice to say about this place. 

Crap parking spots. Loud dance music. The owner complaining about how slow the business is but loving catering. Yeah. Say that again in front of the only two people eating in your location as you take up tables picking out décor. As we left both of us said that we never need to go here ever again. At least I was able to buy three nice new plants in the parking lot! This was the first time I have ever eaten something and been so unhappy I went somewhere else. On to Spare Tire!

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