Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spare Tire On Wilshire

So after the nightmare of eating Hiatus and buying plants we parked and I asked Cam where that other food place she mentioned was. She pointed across the street to Spare Tire and I said “Let's go!” So we went there with no reservations because we G's like that. Immediately seated new the brick pizza oven. 

Order an Allagash white because that drink is the shit while Cam got some weird coconut beer thing. She liked it. I ordered the chicken and waffles plate which you can see looks crazy but tasted great. It had basel butter on top and the chicken was awesome. She got a prawn meal but didn't like them that much but enjoyed everything else on her plate. This place definitely picked up our moods after the last place. There are quite a few other things on their menu that look good that I'll have to try out. The waiter was cool and not pushy at all. The food was good. The music was cool. I liked this place a lot. For anyone wondering how we could eat two meals in less than an hour, fifteen minutes after eating the first place it was like we had nothing.

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