Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nachos, Ice Cream, and Shrimp

It was a day of bad service. KP and I went to Hollywood and Highland and stumbled into the premiere of Fast & Furious 7. Had no idea it was happening since we didn't go to Dave & Buster's because Van Halen was performing the two previous days. I know this sounds all made up but its not. After we dodged $30 parking we walked into a Ludacris concert. What is happening?! Anyhoot, we headed to D&B's eventually and waited a forever just to get drinks and order our food. This place wasn't busy by any stretch of the imagination. I got nachos that allegedly had beef. I saw none. But it had plenty of beans! KP got calamari but it was a whole lot of fried onions and pepperoncini which I had no idea was spelled that way. Okay-ish food. Bad service. Slow staff. Will only go back to play games which was awesome. That Kung Fu Panda game ain't no joke!

Later we went to Coldstone's which I hadn't been to in a really long time. I got to Oreo cookie one while KP got something that sounded way healthier. Every bite had cookies and I was very happy with it.

Later in the evening we headed to IHOP and there was only, like, one other table with a person at it. Two more tables came later but the place was dead. Still, true to IHOP form, it took forever to get out food. KP got chicken strips while I got all you can eat shrimp which I could only eat half of because there was so many and took the rest home. And when did IHOP become so expensive?!  

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