Friday, January 10, 2014

Food At The End Of 2013

I have gone to quite a few places in the last few weeks and have been lazy about posting about them or forgetting to take pictures of food before I devoured it. So here are the places I ate between Christmas and last week not including an extra trip to Fatburger I took and a trip to Mendocino Farms. These will not be in order.

Went to Vito's over on La Cienega and Santa Monica with Cam. This place is so good. Cam had never been before and she liked one of the pizzas she got (by the slice we aren't savages) more than the other. Mine was too spicy for her. I think I may have to go here again soon.

There is this place called Food Fair on Beverly Blvd. Near Fairfax that everyone needs to check out. Cam found the place on accident and we headed there and I'll be damned if this place didn't rule. I got a cheeseburger, fries, and a Sprite. The place looked great and had one of the top five burgers I have ever had. One complaint though is the soda. I hate paying more than a dollar for a can of soda.

Christmas night after I started to feel like a normal human being again I went to The Valley and met up with Jen-Jen. We went to Jerry's Deli which I had never been to. I got a big ass turkey pastrami sandwich with huge ass fries. This place was really good and super busy on account of the holiday.I need to go here again. Just closer.

Next is Huckleberry's in Santa Monica (the city). I had never heard of or been here before. Went with a former co-worker with an awesome last name. We both got bacon and cheese sandwiches that were fucking great. I could eat a whole plate of just the bacon. It also had salad that I ate because I'm an adult now and that's what we do. We eat things that come from dirt. Nice service, good food, and the serve Mexican Coke meaning real Coke.

Cam and I headed to The Counter after our over a year long protest because their service started being total bullshit. I got a bacon burger. She got a turkey burger. We both enjoyed our meals and had a lot of time to talk which was cool. This was the location on Sunset near Fairfax, not the snooty and now hardly busy one on Wilshire.

Last, on the first of January I went to Camille's annual dinner (here for 2011 and here for 2012). This was a very fun night and possibly the best one she has had. I always get to meet some people I have never met before and we all laugh, eat, and talk about a ton of stuff. My body was falling apart on account of all the medicine I had pumping through my body but I powered through and had a great time and ate my ass off. I was the first to come and last to leave but at one point there were probably 10 or 11 people there. I think. Either way, I laughed, talked a lot, and came home and slept terribly because my meds wore off. There was good chicken, rice, salad, and of course the Drunk Cake!

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