Monday, January 7, 2013

THE New Year's Party

Every year Cam has a tradition of having a lunch/dinner at her place on New Year’s Day. I look forward to it months in advance. Its not some crazy drunken party nor is it something where everyone eats and sits around staring at people. Each year there are different people and familiar faces. I get to meet new friends of hers and friends of her friends. People arrive at different times and we talk about so many topics and personal experiences and its just too damned fun.

There are two things I look forward to during the party besides the obvious stuff like seeing my best friend and meeting new people that don’t suck. One is the chicken that she marinates and is just too damned delicious and two is the tipsy rum cake which I started calling “drunk cake” years ago. She made extra cakes for people to bring home which I got two of and she also sent my ass home with a bunch of food. The first picture up top is some leftovers of chicken, rice, and this great ginger beer.

Cam also makes a ton of side dishes like black eyed peas, fruits, vegetables, and sliced apples with caramel. I took some caramel home with apples and ate it like an animal. I had caramel in my beard and on my shirt and didn’t know. I didn’t know! It caused me to trim my beard some I was so ashamed. Cam probably wont read this so I’ll have to type it here and thank her for making such amazing food and hosting this great dinner every year. Plus, I’m usually the only guy in a room full of cute ass women.


Jackie S. said...

Sounds yummy, happy new year!

Dante said...

It was. Thanks and happy new year to you, too!