Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Food At The End Of 2012

In the past couple of weeks I have been spending time watching movies, hanging out with folks, and enjoying the holidays. Yeah, there’s been more but if you wanna read/hear all that nonsense check out my other blogs. I’ve eaten at a few places and tried some new things and they have been building so I’ve decided to just cram the into a blog about the last places I ate at in 2012.

First up is this chip exhibit I went to with Cam. She writes about beer and potato chips and someone mentioned this to her so we went. It was at this place called 8 Bit in Echo Park. Or Silverlake. I seriously mix the two up.

They had chips from all over the world so me and Cam decided to buy fifteen bags of them. Sounds like a lot but damn it we’re dedicated! By the time we got there, days after the exhibit started, so many crazy ass flavors were already gone.

We did get to try a lot of new flavors and Cam recorded it on her phone so when she posts it I’ll link it to all of you. We tasted every single bag and they ranged from delicious to “Why would you do this to someone?!” This was really cool and I would love to do it again.

Next up after we bought all those chips was this place called Two Little Boots. I love the way this place felt. The staff was really cool and nice and pointed out that we both looked so happy. “I’m about to have pizza!” I said to him. And because I have a bottomless fat child inside.

The pizzas have crazy names. I got four slices and ate two there. One was called Mr. Pink and named after Steve Buscemi and was so amazing. The buffalo chicken tasted great and the cheese was fantastic. I would love to go here again and try some more different flavors. The price was good especially considering how good it tasted and how filling it was.

A couple weeks ago The Engineer was visiting and we ended up going to IHOP and catching up and talking. Its near both of us and its consistent. She got this big ass breakfast omelet thing that of course she couldn’t finish and I would’ve proposed to her if she could. I got a big breakfast with sausage, extra bacon, and eggs. Oh, and pancakes.

We laughed at how the pancakes were plated. The pancake are just as big as the plate and they put an ice cream sized scoop of butter so that by the time you place syrup on it just as much will land on the table as your food.

A few days ago Cam and I went to Chipotle. I love the food here because of its crippling nature. Cam go a burrito bowl and hers had all kinds of lettuce on it because she eats all healthy and stuff. There was this old lady that was being super picky with her food selections which held Cam up and made me laugh my ass off.

I got the burrito bowl as well. I don’t eat beef as much as I used to so this was a nice treat. I ate it all at once not realizing just how hungry I was. Damn, this thing was good. I beat it up before I could take a picture but it has salsa, cheese, guacamole, and beef.

Lastly I went to D-Town Burger Bar. I had never seen this place before. Me and Coco ended up getting this before ice skating. Yeah. That happened! I knew that I couldn’t be trying to not die on ice so I got a simple burger, fries, and drink combo which was way cheap.

The fries were seasoned perfectly and they mixed regular with sweet potato fries. Coco ended up pilfering most of my sweet potatoes but it was fine since I was getting close to 80% full and didn’t want to fall while skating and crying while puking which is a thing I did a lot when I was a kid. Reflex. Don’t judge me. This place was great. Just in a weird location in Downtown Los Angeles.

And that concludes all the places I ate at in the last few weeks…excluding the Christmas dinner I had with Coco and her friends that I have no pictures of but I made a pork roast for the first time using my Coke and brown sugar recipe that everyone loved.

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