Monday, January 7, 2013

Mendocino Farms Firsties

Last week I went to Mendocino Farms with South Paw who had never been there before. I love this place for the fact that their food is good, they have dozens of choices, and the staff there is cool. South Paw pointed out that no one would even know what I ate since I had flattened it and taken a bite out of it. I got the blue cow something or other. Its chicken and spicy and great.

SP got…I forget. But she liked it. I also got chips and a side order of potato salad. I managed to eat my entire sandwich which is rare since I tend to eat half there and take the rest home for later. Even when this place looks packed you can still get your food fast which is cool. We went to the location on Santa Monica and La Brea aka Hell’s Gate, CA. Seriously, that intersection is ass. But if you end up going to Target or Best Buy head here. Nice staff, great food, and those scary buzzers that le you know when your food is ready.

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