Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinche's Tacos Again

In between seeing Amour and Rust And Bone me and Cam went to Pinche’s on Sunset. Its right near the Sundance Theater and she had never been there. I had been there once before and it was really good. I’ve talked before about how hard it is to get good Mexican food where I live which makes no sense to me. I rarely get to suggest a food place to Cam that 1. We can both eat at and 2. One I think she’ll like. So I was happy as hell that she really liked her dishes. I got the chips and salsa to start. I love these kind of chips since they are super crunchy.

For a meal I got the chicken flautas. They have delicious guacamole that puts Los Tacos to shame. That place has changed the way they make their food to the point where its just not worth going to anymore. These flautas were just so damned good. I washed it down with Mexican Coke.

Cam got fish tacos that had cactus which I tried for the first time. Tasted like bell pepper to me. She also got horchata which tasted great. She noted that it tasted freshly made and I agreed. The only horchata I recall having was at this place called El Chile that used to be over on Fairfax that made me sick. She also got corn on the cob that with chili and lime juice. This place s great and I wanna try their tacos now. Like right now!

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