Friday, January 24, 2014

Bacon Potato Salad

Today I dragged my jacked up body out of the house to do some shopping since I was down to one hotdog, and swallow of lemonade, and tortilla chips. And why am I jacked up? Broom ball. I'll explain on one of my other blogs some time. So when I went to Cole's and they had that bacon potato salad which I'd never had before I decided to try and make my own version. And I did it! Its pretty damned good and I have decided to show you how to make this easy ass meal.

I first sliced three potatoes up. This doesn't take long so stop being a lazy ass. I chose not to skin them because I wanted something different. I started the water boiling in a skillet because when you are making something its all about multitasking.

I then placed the sliced potatoes in the simmering water for about twenty minutes. I made sure that they were soft but not too soft by stabbing them with a knife. When they were done I drained them. (thanks Michelle for reminding me that I added a teaspoon of apple vinegar)

Next I put this Trader Joe's South African Smoke on it. Use as much as you want but a little bit goes a long way.

I bought these bacon ends and pieces from Trader Joe's as well. I fried it and then microwaved it to get them crispier.

Next I put the sliced bacon in a skillet and fried it with some chopped onions. Use as much as you like. I didn't go overboard. Maybe half a cup was used. Cook until the onions are brown.

Finally I mixed it all together. You should wait until the potatoes have cooled off before doing this because they start to break apart during the mixing process if they're too hot. You can have this hot or cold. I'm impatient so I had a little bit before I cooled it and its fucking great!

3 potatoes
Half pack of ends and pieces bacon
Half cup of onion
1 teaspoon apple vinegar
1 teaspoon South African Smoke

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