Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cole's Pacific Electric Buffet

Last weekend I went to this spot in Downtown Los Angeles called Cole's. The full name is Cole's Pacific Electric Buffet but that is just too damned long of a name. We went there on a Saturday afternoon and the place was super packed. We found a table since it was just me and EQ and then were told to wait till we were seated. Minutes later we ended up at the same damned table. EQ told me what they had that was good and I got a French dip made with pastrami and a side of bacon potato salad while she got I believe the lamb French dip and these super garlic fries. When I say super I mean super. Sadly, I didn't get any good pictures of my food to use because the place was so dark and I refuse to use flash indoors. I will not be that guy!

The sandwich and bacon potato salad were incredible. I have had French dips at Phillipe's who along with Cole's claim to be the originators of this style of sandwich. The other place was Dough Boy's which was also good. Cole's was by far the best though. I didn't want to eat too much since I was going to be playing broom ball later, something I am still paying for today with my swollen ass knee and sore arms. I had one of EQ's fries and damn those were full of garlic. That's a good thing. I'll for sure be heading back to this place but I'll have to work on my club voice. That's the loud voice you have to use when at a club or bar and its just too damned loud to talk to people.  

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