Sunday, March 9, 2014

So Many Birthday Dinners!

During my birthday week last week (March 4th if you're wondering) I ended up going out multiple times with people. Thursday E. and I went to Bunker Hill which is Downtown. That place is just amazing. Besides serving Jack & Coke that is full of the Jack they have the best fish and chips that I've eaten. This was my second time having it and it was just as good the second time. I promise to try something new the next time I go which I will do again for sure.

E. got a salmon dish with keen-wa which I had never tried before. Its one of those dishes I hear about in movies and such and it turns out that its pretty damned good. It had a texture that I wasn't expecting as well as taste.

Friday I went out with Cam to Luna Park which I had never been to. She got a salmon dish and I got a bacon burger and fries with an Edgar Allan Poe beer which was super smooth and great. I called it dangerous because I don't drink beer often but I knew that I'd knock back a few of these easily. The burger was really good and this place was nice. Its over on La Brea and Wilshire if you ever want to try it out. Sorry, but I didn't take any pictures.

Saturday morning my cousin Mala called me out of the blue and said we were hanging out. We went to Tart over on Fairfax across from The Grove. This was another new place for me and we were able to get seats pretty quickly. I got a short stack of super buttery pancakes that already had syrup in it. They were great. I was only able to finish half and bring it on home. They also have really good bacon.

Later in the evening we went to @Bangkok formerly known as King & I on La Cienega and Wilshire. Mala said that she had always wanted to try it and I hadn't gone in a minute. I made sure that I got two Thai iced teas because there's no such thing as too many of them.

I also got beef pad see ew and friend wontons. They changed the way they make them and they are even better. The amount was not a lot (the noodles) but they put a lot of beef on them and it was too damned good.

Mala got this rice and chicken dish. I tried the chicken and it was incredible. The next time I go here I am getting that for sure. Thanks to everyone who made the tail end of my birthday week so fun. I got to see my family, hang out with you all, and have hours of cool conversations.

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