Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fat Tour 2014

The other day I hung out with my cousin J. and it was awesome. We don't see each other often so when we do we tend to eat stuff that we have been talking about. This time it was a trip to two spots. One I forgot I mentioned which ended with us being stuck in traffic for an hour on Sunset Blvd. There was some accident and we sat in her car laughing our asses off at music, people walking by, and life.

We were heading towards the wrong pastry place and she said that she thought we were going to Pinche's first. I was confused and guided us into the bad traffic I mentioned. We finally got there and I ordered us two Mexican Cokes which she'd never had before. We both commented on how you can't drink as much of these as you can regular Coke's.

I ordered what I always order which were the flautas. I said I wouldn't but I did. This time I got the beef ones and they are so damned good. I wasn't even trying to cut them in half. I just crammed them into my mouth and let the guacamole get all up in my beard.

J. got the combo platter. It had some weird ass fish, shrimp, and carne asada. She liked the latter best. We were both just happy to be out of traffic with weather that went between 85 and 65 degrees based on if we were in the shade or not.

Next we walked to this place called Glazed on Santa Monica Blvd. near San Vicente. We almost went to the wrong place but she saw the sign and I was like “You gotta be careful just wandering into a place called 'Glazed' in West Hollywood!” Then she told me to shut up because she was laughing so hard from all the nonsense we were talking that she was getting sick.

It took us a while to figure out what we wanted because there were so many damned good looking choices. We got a chicken wrapped in donut with syrup and fries. J. didn't like hers that much but when I later ate mine it was better with regular syrup. They use a fancy syrup but it tastes like it has boozed in it. There are three pieces and I had two last night and one today and it was awesome!

While there we got two bacon maple donuts, one bourbon, and one S'more. I ate the S'more one there and damned near passed out it was so good! Seriously, I have never had marshmallow that damned good in my life! The chocolate on it was great. There was nothing to complain about with this thing.

J. loved the bacon maple and said it was the best she ever had. I could smell how good it was and when I ate it today it cheered me up. It was so...damned...good. Just too good if there is such a thing. I bought a cool coffee mug and we left. I wish we got the name of the guy working there because he was so nice and helpful. I love this place, Glazed, and will be back again soon.

Last we were walking back and on a food high that made everything funny when we stopped by a place called Plops. I believe that is the name. We got a few cake balls (heh...) with flavors including lemon and Oreo. I liked all the ones I got. I am looking forward to another food tour with my awesome ass cousin.


Jackie S. said...

This entire post made me soooo hungry!!! Damn you!

Dante said...

Come visit! We'll make it happen, Cap'n!