Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tilapia Ceviche

This past weekend H. made some awesome ass ceviche. I had some a long time ago made with shrimp and it was very bitey. The one she made had tilapia which I raved about a few years back when I had a huge supply of it and was able to experiment (click here for my first try at it). H. told me all the ingredients that she used and or course I cant remember them. I inhaled this with some surfboard chips from Trader Joe's. Very good and I'd love to give this a try myself.


Hoozle said...

I can't pronounce that, but it looks great.

Dante said...

I cant spell it so we make a good team. I kept having to check everytime I wrote it. It tasted so good. I would have killed the whole bowl if I were eating it alone.