Tuesday, May 7, 2013

At Natalee Thai Again

I had not been to Natalee Thai in a few years so when me and Cam were trying to figure out what to get to eat before an interview we went to in Santa Monica the plan was some sorta burger joint. We passed this and I mentioned how good it was and how I had not been in a while so we stopped here. We started off with the chicken and shrimp wontons which are still really good, huge, and filling. I need to learn to remember that this can be a meal in and of itself.

Cam got the chicken larb and didn't like it that much. I have not tried theirs but larb seems like it would be hard to mess up. I didn't try it because I was filling myself up on my meal and those wontons I had.

I had the Korean barbecue beef. This was a really good dish. I wish it was sliced though. With beef this thin there's really no point in leaving it whole. It had a side of kim chee which I didn't eat. I don't like that stuff. I had a side of white rice and it came together well. This place is good but the waitress we had could have doubled as a magician the way she kept disappearing. 


Hoozle said...

My God, that beef looks so damn good.

Dante said...

It really was. Later that night it was even better. I tried to trick myself into thinking I could save it till the next day. Ha!