Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Numero Uno Causes The Itis

A few weeks ago me and Cam went to Numero Uno. I love this place because we always get to sit down pretty fast, its good and dark, and the food is affordable. Its over on Wilshire past La Brea and well worth the trip. I used to get Numero Uno when I was a little kid and it was nothing like this. This is fancy ass tasting pizza. Back then it had this puffy crust and was good but now they just pile it on. You’ll get a wrist injury just lifting this to your face! I got the pepperoni and cheese one and Cam got the veggie one. I think. This was a little while ago but its safe to assume that’s what she got.

I’m not as picky with my pizza as I am with food like burgers or tacos. What I mostly care about is whether or not the sauce tastes like ketchup or if the dough is crappy. Numero Uno not only has great sauce and dough, they cover it with chunks of tomatoes that are actually fresh. The cheese isn’t that weird cheese like when you order from Domino’s. I always feel happy after eating here. Its my inner fat kid that gets the most joy from this.

Atmosphere. Like I said, this place is dark. Not in a bad way. I hate eating in bright places unless the light is supplied by natural sunlight. The booths, which there are plenty of, are nice and comfy. There are some big windows and a bathroom that isn’t right next to where you’re eating. You’d be surprised how often this is the case. This is the kinda place where you can chill for a long time watching their big screen TV.

Location. On Wilshire which automatically means that parking will be an issue. They do have their own parking lot but its small. Parking on the side street right on the side of this place is suggested unless you feel like getting it valet which I’ll never suggest unless you absolutely have to eat and will get violent if you don’t sit down and get your grub on.

Service. The service here has always been great. The staff is always nice and brings your food in a timely manner. They never seem bitter (IHOP anyone…?) and bring you as many drink refills as you can handle. And I can handle a lot. Seriously. I drink lemonade like its my last meal or something.

Food. The food has always been good here. The pizzas, even the small one, will fill you up. The little garlic ball things are really good and if you’re not careful you will be half full by the time dinner arrives so eat carefully. Also, its hot and fresh out the oven so have a cold beverage ready.

Price. Not expensive for the amount of food you get. For less than $30 two people will get full and have enough for lunch the next day. Also, the food is just as good the next day which is something I cant say for a lot of restaurants.


Jackie S. said...

Mmmm Pizza!

Sort of Camille said...

Cake pizza is awesome. We haven't been in a while...

Dante Ross said...

I think I know what we're having for dinner this week!