Thursday, October 20, 2011

At Kings Road Cafe Again

Went to Kings Road Café again with Miss E. and decided to get something more than coffee. I mean, I still got a coffee but I hadn’t eaten anything there but coffee and biscotti since the first time I went there. This time I was in the mood for chicken so I got this amazing chicken quesadilla with cheese. It came with delicious sour cream, real avocado guacamole, and spicy hot sauce. This was a very good meal and filling without being crippling. Even had enough left to have some for dinner later on tonight! I have enjoyed every meal I’ve had at this place.

Miss E. got an omelet that consisted of…I forget. Ham? Damn. I had some and I forgot what was in it. I do know it was delicious. There was also a large amount of cabbage that she tried to get me to eat knowing good and damn well that I don’t eat vegetables. She even tried sneaking a couple pieces on top of the omelet thinking I wouldn’t notice. Nice try, E. There was also sourdough bread even though she ordered wheat. Still both of us enjoyed our awesome ass lunch. Go for the food, stay because the staff rules and you can talk for hours without being shoved out the door.

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