Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Roscoe's: Good Food Bad Service

Went to Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles with Miss H. once again last week. If you read the old post I did about this place you will notice that it is damn near the opposite experience in terms of service. Roscoe’s is one of those places that I heard about for years before I ever actually went there. “Who in the hop scotching hell would want to eat chicken and waffles at the same time?!” I mean, I like pancakes more and the idea of eating chicken with a dish that had syrup sounds terrible. But Roscoe’s tastes awesome. If you’re ever in Los Angeles and you don’t give this a try you fail as a human being. But…lets see how you feel after reading this latest review.

Atmosphere. Nothing fancy looking about this place. Its dark because there’s no windows. Its loud no matter where you sit. I had to raise my voice just to talk. The floors and walls are wood which doesn’t help. I sat next to a big ass mirror that made it strange. It felt like I was sitting really close to a weirdo with boundary issues.

Location. Its on Sunset near Gower I believe. Its hard as hell to find parking there and the meters only go up to an hour which means that if you plan on staying long or if your service is slow (more on that in a moment) you or your friend will have to feed the meter.

Service. If you read my last Roscoe’s blog you’ll see how much praise I heaped upon this place. Not this time. Took them half an hour to even ask us what we wanted. Miss H. had to put change in the meter before we even had a drink in our hands! They went and took orders for people that came in almost half an hour after us. No, it wasn’t busy. They were just ignoring us. And I never got a refill.

Food. The food here is awesome and has been since my first trip. I will not complain about their chicken and waffles or their Arnold Palmer lemonades. The chicken is cooked until it burns your face so watch out for that.

Price. Decent prices. You will leave full and that’s cool.

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