Monday, July 22, 2013

Food Over The Weekend

Over the weekend I ate way too much damned food. Seriously. Friday me and Cam hung out and were trying to figure out what to eat. Between Chik-Fil-A and Penguins we choose Penguins. I had only been there once before and it was good. We got catfish (not as good as Christina's!), shrimp, potato salad, and fries with a mango Snapple to wash it down. This place is so damn good. All you need is hot sauce and you are good to go!

After that I went to hang out with my tattoo artist Coco we grabbed some Toi over in Sunset. For an appetizer we got the fried wontons (above) which were really good. They had a spicy seasoning on them and were full of chicken.

Next we got the chicken pad thai eve though we ordered shrimp. It was okay since it tasted really good. Thank god we only ordered just the one because there was enough food in this to feed at least four people. Or one small Japanese woman and my fat ass.

Sunday we, Cam, and Jen-Jen headed to the arts and craft thingy downtown. They had some catering trucks and the ones that Cam wanted to try had taken off pretty early. I got a butter pecan with bacon candy that was delicious. No picture available. For a meal I got a cheese, chili, and bacon fries with a L.A Street Dog that had bacon from the Greasy Wiener truck. Yes, that is what it is called. It was good and surprisingly not greasy. There was so much bacon on those fries! Oh, and a Oreo shake from Jack In the Box later that night. I also saw Parker there! Buy his story by clicking here and following the links at the bottom!

Lastly, on Sunday after shopping and returning clothes because I am too buff to fit into things we went to Carl’s Jr. Cam doesn’t eat that so I got the new triple bacon burger, fries, and a drink. Damn thing made it so I didn’t eat the rest of the day I was so full. I shouldn’t eat like this again for another year!

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