Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Food From Vegas

Last week I got back from Las Vegas and once again I ate a lot of really good homemade food. Like last time I had pork chops that were delicious but I didn’t take a picture because I’m a fat ass and ate them quickly. These aren’t in any particular order but I first have to mention the catfish Christina made. My god this was good. I rarely eat fish let alone catfish but she made it so perfect I had it for dinner and lunch the next day. There was also a side of fries from the same place as Rally fries and if you’ve had those then you know how great they taste.

We also had Chinese food which was so hard to get delivered. Either a place was too far, didn’t wanna come, or the driver was the cook. We ended up finding a place that was not only cheap but some of the best Chinese delivery I’ve ever had. There was the awesome shrimp fried rice.

We also got the beef which was really good and ordered specifically because Christina wanted it. I made sure not to inhale it since she liked it.

The pau pau platter was really huge! It had egg rolls, won tons, pork, and some other stuff I cant recall. This alone was enough food for two people.

I also ordered these little fried things that had chicken and sweet and sour sauce for dipping. These were so damned good.

Lastly, for the 4th of July I said that we were gonna have barbecue and damn it we did. I was getting mad at the coal not heating up fast enough but Christina said to be patient and add more lighter fluid and eventually it worked. I made burgers and chicken and they came out great. I also made a side of potato salad that while I didn’t have everything I needed still came out good.

And of course we had Kool Aid. I drank so much Kool Aid its not even funny. I had such a great time and every day I woke up smiling.

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Jackie S. said...

LOL, all the food is the same color!