Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All About That Lala's

This past weekend after a bunch of shopping and running around mixed with an ever growing hatred of the city of Glendale Cam and I headed over to Lala's on Melrose. I love this place. They have remodeled since we last went and it looks much better and has more room than before. We hadn't been in a long while so we took our asses there and had some really good food. Of course we started off with the bread and that delicious oil and herbs they serve.

I told Cam that I wanted to get full. Normally I would get a half chicken or a sandwich of some sort but this time I was like "I need steak in my body." I got this delicious steak with fries that filled me up. Cam made fun of me saying that I didn't eat everything. I ate 95% of my fries, damn it.

Cam got a chicken breast with mashed potatoes and a salad. She enjoyed everything and offered me some of her chicken but I was all about that steak that night. I need to point out how great the service was. I wish I remembered our waiters name because dude was awesome. He didn't come by every three minutes asking us how our food was when our mouths were full. He refilled my Sprite six times and I didn't have to search for him. He was like a ninja. Drink was half or almost full, hand would appear, moments later refilled. It was incredible.

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Hoozle said...

I love that kind of service. I've only got it regularly in France, the waiters there are as you said, ninjas. Once I was astounded that my plate was taken out from under my eyes without me even noticing after finishing my meal. Meals appear magically in front of you. Water is mysteriously refilled by a jug that hovers just out of eyeshot. And you don't even have to tip because the waiters are paid decent wages.