Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Numero Uno Solo

Last Saturday I had Numero Uno delivered to my place. I wasn't even sure that they delivered to West Hollywood and when I called the guy that answered didn't sound sure if he knew either. It took a lot of back and forth between him and the driver before he decided that they would bring it. Last time I had this was with Cam and that was when we found out they even did deliveries. I decided that since I was making them come all this way I had to make it worth it.

I ordered the garlic puffs and realized that for one person this is way too much. I'm used to having my best friend eating them with me so from the start I was getting full. I also got the lemon chicken with pasta. If I knew how to make chicken like this at home I would always smell like it.

And you cant go to Numero Uno and not get pizza. I got a medium sausage pizza which was way too much for me. After the pasta I couldn't even touch this until the next day. I have had it two days for lunch at work now and it still tastes great. This place is a bit pricy for one person because when you have a friend you can go halfsies on every meal and be very full. Thankfully they brought this to my home though. I will now blame them for the it is I've been suffering from all night long. 


Hoozle said...

Sausage pizza! Why do men always go for meat pizza?

Dante said...

Is there any other kind...?

Trixie Van Sickle said...

Pepperoni, mother fuckers.

Hoozle said...

I usually get annoyed and bored at the idea that 'men' do certain things and 'women' do certain other things, often being the kind of tomboyish girl person who does whatever feels right at the time but I definitely see a pattern in men ordering meat pizzas. Like with all the great a wide variety of pizzas in the world, men will always go for the triple meat heart exploder. With extra meat.

My favourite pizza was what me and my ex called the paradox pizza -vegetarian (cheapest pizza on the menu but with lots of toppings) with added bacon. Sadly the pizza place only offer ham now, which is just not the same, dagnabbit.

Dante said...

I like having as much meat on my pizza as possible. Like when it is so heavy that you have to use both hands to hold it.