Thursday, October 8, 2009

Costco Hotdog


So I finally got to taste the myth. Not only did I taste it, I liked it. I liked it a lot. Me and Reinard went up to Costco after a couple of stops at the gas station and his place. We head over to Costco and it was early in the afternoon but totally packed. I was shocked. Didn’t these people have jobs to be at?

So as we’re heading to the door Reinard starts checking his wallet. He cant find his Costco card. We stop and I stare at him and squint in anger. Well, anger and disappointment. I tried to go to Costco years ago with Heidi and they were closing denying me this dream. Now this? Damn it. The funny thing is that I was gonna ask him if he had it before he even came and got me.

We get to the entrance and this old guy is standing there checking folks cards. Reinard tells him that he left his at home so the old dude tells us to go to the customer service desk and get a temporary one. He then adds:

“Better get in there or I’ll shoot ya!”


“Better get in there or I’ll fuck ya!”

We aren’t sure which but either one is frightening. So we get in line for a moment when Reinard says he just wants to eat. So we get in line and ponder the idea of a pizza when I see how cheap the hotdogs were. So we grab two each and a soda. We sit outside and talk for well over an hour about everything. It was very cool. Julie called while we were hanging out and we ended up recording my Rosscast.

So the hotdog. It was big. Like Lexington Steele big (three points if you get that reference). I put onions on it which I never do. Relish, and mustard as well. Reinard managed to break the onion crank with his Hulk-like power. The damned thing was a perfect hotdog. I cant think of a way to improve it. If you have a friend with a Costco card force them to take you there. It’s worth it.


Anonymous said...

I've never had a Costco Dog. The food area is always packed so I pass it up and head into the store. But now I am intrigued by the Costco Dog. I'll definitely try one the next time I go but is it better or equivalent to a Dodger Dog?


D. Ross said...

I have had what was supposed to be a Dodger dog years ago and wasn't all that thrilled. But this thing was big, juicy, and just perfect. If you have access to getting this you really should. Even if the line is long they dont a moment to give you your hotdog. Try it, Njeri!