Monday, April 29, 2013

Kay & Dave's and Buddha's Belly

I am so bad. There have been a bunch of food blogs I needed to post and didn’t because I have been a neglectful inner fat man and I haven’t had my camera when I was eating food. But I have some from two places I’ve been to. One was after a hiking trip with my friends. Kay & Dave’s in Pacific Palisades is a nice little place. We called ahead and let them know there were eight of us coming so they needed to batting down the hatches.

The place seems to make every type of food. It was early and I was a filth bomb from walking in a small creek and wanted pancakes. I got some really good and not heavy pancakes, eggs, and bacon. It was exactly what I needed. And they had good, fresh orange juice. The problem I have with most fresh orange juice is that while its good, its warm. This was nice and cold.

Cam got this crazy ass looking dish. You can try and figure out what’s on this plate. There are eggs and avocado and all kinds of fancy looking stuff. She enjoyed it and that’s all that matters. The location is kinda weird and parking can be a bitch but this place is worth checking out.

We went to Buddha’s Belly again before I headed to work last week. It wasn’t busy at all because we went mid afternoon. It was nice and cool but the servers just kept on bugging us. I know that they are supposed to check on you and all that but this time was a bit excessive. We started off with tea, a Sprite, and this lettuce wrap chicken with peanut sauce that was amazing.

Cam got a papaya salad that was better the longer it sat. She said it wasn’t as good as the one we got at King & I. yes, I know that place changed their name but I refuse to call it that. Damn it.

Both of us got the soup that I can never remember. Tom Koon something or other. Its spicy and comes with the coconut cream to add that calms that spice down. I still like this place but they have a new chef and I am worried that we wont get to have that awesome ass chicken sandwich we had before.

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