Monday, June 2, 2014

Chilling At The Counter

Last week Cam and I went to The Counter. We kept trying to figure out where we were gonna go to get beer. Not just regular ass beer because Cam knows good beer and it takes a special tasting beer for me to give a damn about beer. We managed to make it to the restaurant during the last five minutes of happy hour. I never go to happy hours. I ordered an Allagash that had 11% alcohol and proceeded to get plastered.

Cam got this sampler they had and realized that the ones with the most alcohol tasted the best.

I ordered a BLT with fries that tasted pretty good. The bread was a bit too crunchy but it didn't cut my mouth up the way some places make fancy bread.

Cam got a tomato salad. She said that it needed more cheese. We had a really good time and sat there for about an hour and a half laughing and talking.  


Jackie S. said...

Wait?!, Cam had a tomato salad and 4 glasses of beer? LOL! I'm happy ya'll made it home safely :)

Dante said...

No cars were involved in this trip. We walked there. And those glasses of hers were 4oz. each.