Saturday, June 4, 2011


Last week I went to this place called Yogurtland with my DNA Show partner, Alex. This spot is at the Beverly Connection and I doubt I ever would’ve gone here if he hadn’t suggested it. I got this awesome one with vanilla bean yogurt, pistachio yogurt, topped with Nutter Butter bits, cheesecake bits, and cookie dough to finish it off. Whatever health I could’ve gotten from this was now removed. Alex got…free samples until he was full. You get a cup,  fill it up, and then pay. Pretty damn cheap as well. And you should go just to watch the polarization of customers. Really big people and really small people. But don’t sit near the door. They have one of those air shooting doors and I am shocked the smaller chicks didn’t blow away. Oh, and we saw a guy that was dressed like a beach goer from the 40’s!

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